PNW Spine and Joint Physicians is unique in the Portland Metropolitan Area because we have a Board-Certified physician (MD) who is an expert in auto related injuries. Dr. Whetstone completed specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management and has spent more than a decade taking care of patients with accidents and injuries. Auto accidents are a common problem most motorists unfortunately face during their lifetime. Any car accident can be frustrating, emotionally draining, and result in pain and change in quality of life. High speed accidents and low impact accidents can both result in pain and injury that requires expert medical treatment. It is important that you seek medical care right away after an accident if you have symptoms such as: Whiplash/Neck pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Pain or Numbness Radiating into Arms/Legs, Headaches, Concussion Symptoms, Changes in Mood/Insomnia.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, we can help. Give us a call today at (971) 383-1960 to request an appointment today!


  • Early treatment and documentation of your injuries is essential. This is for several reasons:
    1. If you are aggressive early on, it may be possible to reduce the chances of developing chronic pain.
    2. It is important to make a correct diagnosis and complete any necessary tests and imaging early in the process.
    3. It is in your best interest to have everything documented correctly and thoroughly in your medical chart. Having a physician who understands this will benefit you long term.
  • Choose a provider who understands car accidents and the insurance process. During your recovery process it is likely that you will need treatment from some combination of healthcare professionals (such as: physical therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy, medical physician treatment). Choose a clinic that understands the multi-discipline approach to care and networks with other healthcare professionals throughout Oregon and SW Washington. For example, at PNW Spine and Joint Physicians we are happy to communicate with and work alongside other providers to help maximize your care.
  • Choose a provider who is good at communication. This includes clearly communicating a diagnosis and a plan of care, but also involves timely response to your questions and concerns.
  • Choose a provider who understands and can work with Personal Injury Protection (PIP). PIP insurance is a requirement for all auto insurance policies to help cover injuries that were sustained during an automobile accident.


  • Scheduling: Our staff will reach out to you promptly to help find a convenient time to have an appointment with the physician. The scheduler will ask you questions to help ensure that your care and related payments will be covered prior to your arrival. Please provide your car insurance information, your case number, and your insurance claims adjustor. If you are working with a lawyer, please provide their contact information as well.
  • Detailed History: You will fill out forms ahead of time so you can share the details of the accident and your current symptoms. The physician will then complete a thorough interview and documentation in the medical chart related to the accident. If you have any medical records related to the accident, please bring these to your visit.
  • Physical Exam: The physician will complete a detailed spine, muscle, and joint examination and document this in the chart.
  • Work-Up: It is typical to need some sort of imaging tests after an auto accident. This usually includes tests such as X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI. If you already had imaging tests completed, please bring them with you to your appointment. You may also call our office ahead of time to discuss any available options we may have to assist you in the process. However, you will get the most of the visit if the physician can review the imaging results with you at the appointment. If you need any additional tests ordered, the physician will help coordinate this process.
  • Diagnosis/Education: The physician will help provide a clear diagnosis and explain the problem areas and anatomy involved in your injury. The physician will discuss the full spectrum of available treatment options and decide next steps with you as a team.
  • Follow-up: A common theme after car accidents is that patients are scared and frustrated, and want to get better, but are often stuck in a confusing medical system. Our team will make sure you have clear follow-up instructions and a plan for next steps. We will also assist in case management and providing referrals to other healthcare professionals we trust in the community (massage, physical therapy etc.).