A direct pay clinic is based on the model of up-front payment for all services outside of the traditional medical insurance system. This can be done with cash, credit cards etc. The modern health insurance industry is a complex system full of barriers that impact the physician-patient relationship and restrict care. In the spine and joint world, commercial medical insurance companies often have burdensome requirements (prior authorization process) for many treatments that can lead to delayed care and ultimately often a denial of specific imaging tests or treatments. Medical pricing has also been traditionally very confusing, but we have a transparent pricing model. Removing commercial insurance from the equation allows us to keep prices lower and spend more time with each patient. For commercial insurance (Regence, Aetna, United Healthcare, Providence Health Plan) you may be able to turn in your medical receipts for reimbursement (for office visits and covered injections only). We are happy to provide you with the appropriate paperwork if you choose to file a claim yourself. Unfortunately, the above reimbursement process is not possible for patients who have Medicare, Managed Medicare, or Medicaid.

Forms of Payment accepted include:

  • Cash (in the form of credit card, cash, money order)
  • PIP (personal injury protection) after car accidents
  • Medical Liens (if provided by a lawyer)

New Patient Consults for patients involved in car accidents may be billed to the car insurance, or directly to a lien provided by an attorney. Those not in a car crash and choosing to pay cash for a consultation regarding our services, including Regenerative Medicine (Orthobiologics) or other injections therapies are offered at time-of-service cash-pay discount from our standard rates. This fee is due at the time of your visit. During the consult, we will discuss the diagnosis, goals, and treatment options. At that time, an estimate for specific recommended treatment(s) would be provided.

For patients involved in car accidents we will bill your car insurance or the medical lien for you.